Ltd. and Beijing Industry and Trade Co., TatPrincipal Secretary to provide technical advisory services to the geological special fund projects on behalf of these companies declared, and in the name of "technical consulting fees" for the two companies to receive payments from the total 210 million yuan.According to the two companies responsible for Wu testimony, he and Zhou early acquaintance. His business is to declare the two companies for mining enterprises Treasury geological projects of special funds to help him find Zhou, giving guidance from an expert point o  supra skytop 2 salef view, I hope Zhou participate in the assessment of the relevant projects to give special attention, at the same time wanted Week After the project entered a part of the Ministry of Finance for approval, the funds issued before mining enterprises, as soon as possible to help inquire whether the project is approved and the amount of funds granted to the mining companies to prove their companies have personal connections, while allowing mining companies to ask for consultancy .Wu said that between 2007 to 2009, his company paid a total of more than 210 million yuan

 to Zhou, Zhou, he did not know how to spend these funds, it is not clear Zhou inquire about the results of the project approval channels.Director inquire find information bribe 500,000Zhou confessed that from 2007 to 2009, Wu every year asking him to help the final approval of the results of multiple projects. Every time he gave when he was Finance Director of Economic Construction Department of Environmental Resources Department Yao Jinsong call, before approving the results of all enterprises in the formal declaration under reach, Yao Jinsong told him by telephone of the outcome, he will tell Wu. In order to express gratitude Yao Jinsong, who from 2009 to 2011 cheap reebok zig sonic, a total of 500,000 yuan in cash to give Yao Jinsong. testimony, said Zhou has called twice and asked him about the arrangements for about 20 enterprise project funds. 500,000 yuan in cash, Zhou are stocking up before the Spring Festival to send the name to his. said, due to the unit to carry out the Independent risk education before the 2012 Spring Festival, he said all the money back to the Zhou.Yao Jinsong eventually checked, in December 2012 by the West Side

Court for taking bribes and sentenced to 10 years and 6 months. When Yao Jinsong task force investigating the bribery case and found that Zhou had alleged bribery of a major suspect its investigation. May 23, 2013, Zhou received the notification to the Procuratorate for examination, was released on bail the same day.Not to seek illegitimate interests acquittedWest's Procuratorate at the time of the prosecution believes Zhou, Zhou national staff to bribe, to seek illegitimate interests, bribery should be held criminally responsible.Zhou challenged in court, arguing that did not seek illegitimate interests. The defender believes that Zhou entrusted by others, did not give their own profit, Zhou request for acquittal.West Side Court held that, although Zhou implemented while for others the trust matters to national staff bribery act, but the available evidence is insufficient to prove, "Zhou bribes fro nike shox tlx onlinem people to reap the benefits of the violation of laws, regulations, rules, policies and regulations." , are not sufficient to prove "Zhou implementation requirements of national staff in violation of the laws, regulations, rules, policies, industry standards, as required to provide their own behavior to help or facilities." Prosecutors accuse Zhou insufficient evidence to commit bribery, criminal charges