compensation for economic losses totaling 58 million yuan.After the verdicts, yellow dissatisfied and appeal. December 19, 2013, the Guangdong High Court upheld the ruling upheld the conviction. Recently, the Supreme Court after review, ruled that the Guangdong High Court ruled that the approval of the criminal, and gave the order executions. Late last month, Huadu District in time for the public sector accounts, "Doomsday" the day before, the collective drying out of 103 departments of "books", as much as the number of public sector ranks first in the 12th district of Guangzhou city. Overall, the "Three" expenses and conference fees Huadu District departments declined  new balance 373 online, there are still some departments Excellencies expenditures rise, not fall, there are few public sector format template does not meet the requirements.The overall difference between the data and the data accumulated more than 400 millionHuadu District 2013 annual financial statements (draft) report shows that the district budget for 2013 annual financial allocations Three funds public expenditure accounts 60.9746 million yuan, statistical data disclosed by the Express reporter

found a total of 103 departments Three funds 56,910,400 yuan, both a difference of 4.0642 million yuan.Overall, Huadu District last year Excellencies expenditures 5.2183 million yuan less than in the previous year, down 7.88%, but there are 40 departments in the accoun
 new balance 373 mens  ts Excellencies expenditures rise, not fall. Among them, Guangzhou City Management Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau Huadu Branch increase 3.0926 million yuan, an increase of 207.38%. Bureau explained that the main reason for the growth is that the new law enforcement official car purchase 14, spent a total of 1.8763 million yuan; existing vehicles growing old, the daily duty time overload.On the other hand, Huadu District, Guangzhou City Public Security Bureau Excellencies reduced funding 1.5424 million yuan, the largest decline in the amount of the region. Likewise with the bus-related reasons, the council last year scrapped official vehicles reduce vehicle while strengthening management, reducing operation and maintenance costs of public service vehicles.Study abroad chased leather industry spent 65,600 yuanLast year, Huadu District, going abroad (border) fee

accounts for 1.6274 million yuan, accounting for about 2.7% of total funding Excellencies, 1.522 million yuan less than last year, down about 48%. According to preliminary statistics, the district last year, a total of 19 departments sent abroad (Habitat), and in 2012 was flat.From the destination point of view, there are 10 departments went to China Taiwan study or other United States, Canada, Russia, France, Japan, Cuba, Mexico andnew balance 574 sale   other countries are involved.It is worth mentioning that, in Guangzhou City Management Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau Huadu Branch delegations abroad last year, a schedule, a person. Governmental organizations in the district to go to Russia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia and other countries to study the development of the local leather and leather industry, leather goods market to develop and introduce the investment environment in the area, and other investment incentives. Therefore, the council last year, going abroad (border) accounts increased 65,600 yuan, the year before this no expenses. According to brief the council functions, primarily responsible for administrative punishment part of the city environment, urban planning, administration and other aspects of the laws, regulations, rules and regulations, there is no investment or production and business-