support, judicial practice, usually based on the demands of an injured party, the extent of the damage, violent side about its behavior, cognition and other factors determine the amount of compensation .In addition, the perpetrators are the innocent party in the marriage relationship, to take care of the distribution of property upon the innocent party is legal principles, and therefore the implementation of domestic violence will affect the distribution of property; As for the custody of their children, although the law does not specify whether the perpetrator raising children should not carry, but the judge will various factors, in order to facilitate the healthy growth of the principles   new balance 998 for sale  of child custody to determine ownership and, therefore, domestic violence will have custody decisions left more or less affected. Express News correspondent reported several times to go to Macau to gamble Guo Haiyan, owe a huge debt, then pay to cousin. Wen Weilong Guangzhou Livestock Corporation, former general manager had accused of taking bribes 3 million yuan for the debt, its overall estoppel in the trial, I asked three forget. Recently, the

Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court ruling on the case, and ultimately finds its 2.3 million yuan bribes, sentenced twelve years.Gamblers in Macau confession was losing 12 millionStatistics show that 47-year-old Wen Weilong have graduate degrees. Transferred from the ordinary political career school teacher, 42-year-old became the general manager of Guangzhou City Livestock Corporation, enjoy the city bureau-level cadres treatment.Last year, the smell was real name was Weilong Commission for Discipline Inspection. In April this year, the case in Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court, the prosecution accused him from 2000 to 2010, the use of the Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Agriculture Office, served as general manager of Guangzhou City Livestock Corporation, in charge of agricultural reconstruction work and Guangzhou Animal Husbandry Company of his office, has received its counew balance 580 menssin that works contractor Luomou Can (handled separately) repeatedly bribery, totaling 3 million yuan, the money used to repay gambling debts, the smell was provided on the engineering business Help.During the trial, the overall smell Weilong has retracted, said was

and handle construction enterprise qualification certificates and other grounds, has Long Liyuan cheat "contracting models", "service fees", "deposit" a total of 1.355 million yuan, but it has not promises.After being debt collection times, the final decision to kill the dragon yellow Liyuan. December 23, 2011 at 11 am, Long Liyuan and business partners Huang went to Spring City bajia Zhenmou booked cat meat hot pot hot pot cnike shox tlx cheap  ity, and called the village about yellow to bajia Zhenmou View mountains. At 1 pm, the trio returned pot city watching the mountains. Etc. During the meal, yellow excuse to take out their cars prepared for a big bag of tea drugs (commonly known as "Gelsemium elegans," Gelsemium contain toxins), into the kitchen pretending to try to eat cat meat.Owner sent away after a couple of yellow tea will be part of the large drug into a colander and immersed in hot pot. A few minutes later, the big yellow tea medicine taken drained and washed away. Huang said that the beginning of soup, drink two, he said: "   How is it so hard to drink this soup is not poisonous," the presence of yellow, said:. "Bitter medicine ah" Long Liyuan also